Sue Barnard

Posted by terrylynn920 on Jan 5th, 2018 in Author Interview

“Have you been across to the island?”

Mel shook her head. “As I said, I’ve only recently arrived here.”

“Well, how do you fancy going for a birdwatching walk over there? There’s a super beach down on the south coast where you can see all sorts of things.”

Mel beamed. “Thanks, that would be lovely. When did you have in mind?”

“How about tomorrow?”

Merde, Mel thought. Here we go again…

“Sorry,” she muttered, staring at the ground. “I can’t manage tomorrow.”

Please don’t ask me why not.

“Well, how about Sunday, then?” Fortunately, Ray appeared to accept her answer without seeming to be too inquisitive.

She forced her face back into a smile before looking up at him. “Sunday would be lovely. Thank you.”


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