I love Fall — it’s my favorite time of year, and I find myself longing for it right after the 4th of July.

I love Fall’s shorter days, golden subdued light, and the extra hour when we turn the clocks back.  I love the anticipation of colder weather, and the freezer filled with soups and sauces made from Summer’s hot tomatoes, yellow squash, herbs and veggies.  Does preparing cold weather fare  encourage Fall’s arrival?  One hopes.  The timeless smell of apple pies, wood smoke, and the piles of leaves as they fall from the trees, to be swept up and used for mulch.    Bidding adieu to the hummingbirds, as they set out on their pilgrimage.  Getting ready to feed the song birds that stay, so they can be warm as they brave the frigid winter nights.  Fall is the in between, the silent homage to summer and her bounty, the mellow time before winter’s darkness sets in.  Fall is the awards banquet for summer’s growing frenzy.   Fall is my favorite time.




~   Thoughts?   ~