Hello All.

I am one lucky writer.  I have an awesome critique partner who knows her stuff, gives great feedback and likes my book!

A good critique partner is a difficult thing to find.  I’ve swapped books with other writers before and have always learned a lot and enjoyed the process.  Giving criticism — I’ll call it constructive feedback for a more positive spin — is a fabulous way to develop and grow as an author.  It’s so important to find a critique partner who likes your genre, likes the way you write and, most importantly, can see the shortcomings and communicate them. I have found that person.  Thank you, writing goddess!

So I am learning, and working, and reading and editing, and getting up the next day and doing it all over again.  Only now I have someone to keep me honest in the process thanks to Lisa!

And on another unrelated topic, I am training myself to only put one space after a period, rather than the two spaces I was taught several decades ago.  Wowza, old habits die hard.

Happy Monday, everyone.


P.S.  If you are so inclined, the link to Lisa’s blog is here: http://www.writinginthebuff.net/



  1. Thanks for the shout out! And right back atcha. I read through the critique you sent me, and lady you were spot ON! With very few exceptions I agreed with all of your changes and suggestions. I’m so excited because I feel like my so-so manuscript has the potential to go a notch higher now with your input. I value your talent and insight. Thanks! So glad your my CP!

  2. Oops. That should have been “you’re.” LOL

  3. Terry Lynn says:

    I love writing!!!!