Hello, all.

Today I settle down to a blank screen, an empty document, a yawing chasm, on my computer  Over the next three months or so I will add about 1,000 words a day to this, until the emptiness morphs into a book.  Talk about jitters!  So rather than write to entertain with a blog entry today, I’m posting a link to Susanna Kearsley’s blog, A Woman in Jeopardy, which is a favorite of mine.  Susanna writes in the same genre as I do (although much better), and her blog is entertaining and informative, not to mention she has beautiful pictures from her research trips.

If you haven’t read Susanna’s books, I highly recommend them, all of them.  They are entertaining, well researched, and beautifully crafted.

So enjoy this and have good day and an even better week.




  1. If you’re reading this then stop! You should be working on those 1000 words! 🙂 Thanks for the link. I’ll check it out.

    • Terry Lynn says:

      Hey, Lisa. You’ll be pleased to know that I wrote 2000 words yesterday and 2000 words today — just finished as a matter of fact. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Also, I have a technical question for you that I will send via email.
      Have a productive rest of the day.
      Write on!