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Nothing quite compares to that first few minutes back home after a long vacation.  I love to see new places and visit old friends, but coming home is always oh-so-sweet.  Now it’s back to work on novel number two, after I write a short story that is bursting to be told.

Our crepe myrtles are blooming and our tomato vines are laden with fat green fruit.  Ah, tomato sandwiches….

Vacation is always a time for reading old favorites.  I took “The Ivy Tree” by Mary Stewart with me on this trip.  I’ve read my volume so many times that the pages started to fall out somewhere between Pagosa Springs, Colorado and Twin Falls, Idaho.  I’m going to buy another copy because my book collection is not complete without this great novel.  Alas, reading for pleasure takes a back seat now.  This writer needs to buckle down!!!

Happy summer, dear readers!!

~   Thoughts?   ~

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