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Happy New Year!

Loving this cold weather. I know that all those bulbs I planted in the fall (remember the 150 daffodils?) are getting sufficiently chilled to bloom vigorously in a few months. My husband is ready for spring. Not me. I love this weather! The freeze outside my window makes it easy for me to hunker down and write.  

My two-week vacation was wonderful and much needed but now I’m chomping at the bit to get to work on the many projects in the hopper for 2014. I’m going to be researching and writing one project while editing another. Usually multi-tasking of this magnitude would drive me nuts, but alas I shall persevere. At least the writing and editing part can be accomplished while in jammies, and the researching (which I LOVE!) will take me to one of my favorite places – the library!  

Okay, time for me to get back to it. Wishing all of you an abundant and productive 2014.

Till next time.


  1. Hi Terry! I think one of the reasons I got so much writing accomplished the last couple of weeks is because I took a much needed internet break. The challenge now that I’m back online will be to keep everything balanced and still maintain my writing level. I have to say, though, it feels good to be visiting blogs again. I’ve missed my blog buddies. 🙂

    • Terry Lynn says:

      Hey, Lisa.

      I’ve missed your blog posts, so I’m glad you’re back in the groove. Understand about the balancing act. Glad to hear you’re getting a lot of work accomplished. Eagerly (adverb — yikes!) awaiting pages from you!

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