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Please welcome Nicola Layouni to the blog today! N.J. Layouni has been weaving stories all of her life–even before she could actually write. For many years, she was a dedicated ‘closet writer’, and as a result, the attic space of her home is stuffed to the rafters with piles of ageing manuscripts depicting fantastical romantic adventures, tales of daring sword-wielding …

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Suzy Henderson

Posted by terrylynn920 on Jun 18th, 2017 in Author Interview

I just got back from vacation yesterday, and in fact spent fourteen hours in the car, with my hubster at the wheel. I read two books on the way home, one of them The Beauty Shop by Suzy Henderson. I started this book and just couldn’t put it down. Her characters are so well developed, and the history expertly woven …

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